This is what my brain looks like: I have a rich and deep interpretation of this picture, but I’ll keep it to myself.


The whole P/R thing is impossible to see as anything other than philosophy.  So people argue about Kant.  I don’t want to argue against Kant or for Kant or to relate what I’m doing to bloody Kant.  I want consequences in how we understand our social selves in everyday commerce and in madness.

Without desire, time would stop.

‘Understanding’ is just learning to formulate a question.

We are all just trying to synchronize!

Everyone loves a diva, ’cause, you know, you gotta respect another intact P-world. (Cartman is a diva!)

We are a self-descriptive process

Science is like a kid digging in the dirt.  It does find diamonds, but it is just as likely to stick them up its hole after.

Law is an attempt to make the P-world and its words BE the R-world.  Law must be hell.

I, and you, have such primitive notions when it comes to personal relationships.