Here‘s a great post on Neurophilosophy, about a classic paper, “On the pecularities of the negro brain“. The author is clearly simply reacting to “otherness”, based on the obvious characteristic of color (sensory categories win every time). Oddly, in describing the supposed characteristics of the Caucasian and the Negro, he calls the Caucasian “subjective”, and then links that to “determination, will power, self-control, self-government…with a high development of the ethical and aesthetic values”, while he calls the Negro “objective”, and he links that to “affectionate, immensely emotional, then sensual and under stimulation passionate. There is love of ostentation…love of music, and capacity for melodious atriculation; there is undeveloped artistic power and taste…instability of character incident to lack of self-control, especially in connection with the sexual relation”. The latter sounds like a wish list. All the things I could think of someone being, but I am not. (well, he isn’t:).