I have recently been fretting that it is possible to swallow my P-R thesis whole, without any discernable consequences.  Jack even pulled me up on this one.  And its not a scientific hypothesis, but a metaphysical one.  So it represents a framework within which old questions can be examined anew, hopefully with the result that previously distinct mysteries may be seen to be related, thus suggesting, perhaps, new ways of understanding them.  One such old chestnut is the nature of truth.  Several interpretations are possible under P-R.  Approximation to R-world, as evidenced by predictive power, and possible relative stability across time, is one such.  This is uncomfortable for many people.  Our baffling ability to cause misery to others, by denying the reality of their P-worlds, and consequent dehumanization is another.  It suggests a basis for what it is to dehumanize, and suggests that the only way to stop this is to acknowledge other realities.  This surely suggests possible developments in the way we deal with crises.  P-R also demands humility with respect to ones own certainties.