Note: I’m still ignorant about the use of ‘information’ in both physical and non-physical contexts.  John Collier is a good source for some rich thinking on the subject.  This note was just another note.  But ‘information’ will play a greater role here….

The P-world is inherently stochastic. To (Some) physicists, it seems weird that the non-physical world of information should so mimic the deterministic world of physics: modelling  coupling in SCT [Schmidt, Carello, Turvey] with physics-like variables. But physics studies the R-world. and ‘information’ lies in the P-world & P = f(f(R))! So we will find closer approximations to R-world in the P-world. The difference between them is the residual: that part of R-world that is not related to the P-world. That part of R-world that is not  captured in the P-world is a shrinking residual. It shrinks as we know more about ourselves. It is us.  and it is going away!

postscript: the optimism is a little hasty.  There may be no end to the size of the residual.  We have no way of knowing to what extent everything we can deduce from within P-worlds spans or does not span R-world.