Catriona saw the first few pages of the P-world-R-World sketch today (as far as Strangler Figgery), and thought it interesting. She rightly points out that this will annoy everyone. That is, I am seeking to adopt a position in a crowded marketplace, where ethicists and morality folk, trancendentalists and relativists, idealists and realists all live and have positions. This is undoubtedly correct.

She thought me unclear in my introdeuction: before launching my ontological crusade, I need a fuller introduction so people are prepared for me to meddle in their waters. I will return to this when the guts of the sketch are in place.

She felt my cursory sketch of the ‘mind-body’ problem to be far too short. Clearly, from her position, the stale view of a mental and a physical parallel universe is not as hackneyed.