If we could give up the pretence that science is a more-or-less self consistent system, or will become so, and recognize that only the physicists have been doing that kind of science, and the rest of us have been doing science in the CM world, requiring us to recognize entities like cells, galaxys, etc. Our concepts are stochastic approximations. They have non-determinism built in. They will never be self-consistent. But with that, comes a new liberation. If we all develop a little distrust of our categories, and recognize their fallability, we would be more reluctant to swear allegiance to any dumb ideology. Less sure of ourselves. That would obviously be a good thing, but it could also give us room to play a little. Categories could slip, poetically, transiently. We could all play what-if games much more freely, because we are not committed to any. It leaves room for immense progress in the non-physical sciences. And it links biology with the humanaties. Humanists can relax a little, knowing the chemists are not quite so sure of their categories, while the chemists have the reassurance that everyone knows their categories are much more stable and useful than those in the humanaties. Peace on earth, yadda yadda yadda.