What people do when they get together, is compare theories. See if their categories match. Thus they refine their own categories, entrenching some, perhaps loosening others. people alone develop strange categories because they lack this exposure. their environment is statistically impoverished, so weeds grow among the plants. for the plants are the useful concepts, that better our collective lot. and the weeds are just random growth, without the pruning of social interaction.

Interestingly, with cyberspace, people can test their theories from a population with very different characteristics. The pruning of social interaction used to be spatially restricted. A growth pattern, like lichen. Now its suddenly distributed. Categories are being exchanged in unheard of ways. many of course find it confusing. this suggests a very strong destabilizing (or perhaps radically stabilizing) force. a phase transition? critical fluctuations before what? stasis? chaos? oscillation?