I’m astonished and astounded tonight. Picked up Churchland, as I had been meaning to do, and just for fun, started reading a random passage to Jack. I didn’t expect it to make sense without context like that. But wow!!! The framework I didn’t quite get at the outset is that he is talking about reductionism, and how, in principle theories might reduce, but where I jumped in was a tricky case, namely the relation between classical mechanics (CM) and the special theory of relativity (STR). And as it went on, and he described their relationship, suddenly I realized that the CM is the Pworld and STR is the Rworld. And I thought I was pushing my luck, when my jaw dropped, because he said: “it is not just the laws of CM that STR bids us throw overboard as illusory, but also the fundamental categories with which CM interprets the world”. That could just as well have come from me, with my worlds.