March 2007

Science is like a kid digging in the dirt.  It does find diamonds, but it is just as likely to stick them up its hole after.


So, I thought the point of social interaction was to test our theories against each other like antibodies seeking pathogens (see the ‘good’ and ‘evil’ in that story!). Recently I’ve been literally talking to myself (as here). Why would I do that? Well, if things are slightly stochastic, the two will resonate. Oscillate.  This mental exercise I’ve been enjoying seems self-sustaining (=dopamine, optimism), and it ‘feels’ like the above.  So this is a good (or amusing) description.

Watching ‘war’ [movie set in] Cechnya

We dehumanize all the time. Every group we look at as ‘not us’ is less human, and it has been commonplace that this results in decapitations, torture, etc. But think what it looks like on the other end.  Its bloody good sport and heroism and shit. Please, not the ‘war is bad’ platitude.  This is a cognitive problem. We need to learn to treat everyone as human. We can only do that if we align our concepts through interaction.

Internet is working well. Drop the definite article.

Law is an attempt to make the P-world and its words BE the R-world.  Law must be hell.

Looking at at ‘pop video’, it starts to look a lot like us: a few fairly primal urges and a weak narrative.  We only see ourselves.  Our-what? To describe something, you couch it in terms of ‘us’: nations as schoolkids, markets as hysterical.  We only see ourselves. So when we see everything else, we see ourselves? Nothing.  Every time we try, the concept turns out to be partial, flawed, without a center. We learn about ourselves by looking outward, not inward.

(a rather unpolished whiteboard)

We swim in mataphor

As the sensorimotor correspondences bring 2 dynamics together, so the thought has this character.  In a broad sense, all thought is metaphorical. As the S-M system forms a tangible universe out of 2 energy flows, so in thought we force active contents (?) together into a narrative.  Sometimes this mashup produces words (which play the parts of objects(?)), sometimes not.

In the matter of sex: it is an area that suffers greatly from the ‘locality’ effect. Like small villages in Siberia.  Each one a small insane asylum seen from the outside.

Are we watching an urbanization?

My view suggests a marketplace of ideas.  Mimetics, grounded.

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