… I guess I’m trying to understand the SPOV as a natural phenomenon. Understand it from the outside, because inside, it just doesn’t seem possible. What appears as intuition is, in fact, entirely misleading. That essence-sucking expression of ‘thought’ into a series of words turns it into something else. As when we retell our dreams. Perception appears to be an attempt by our systems to understand the world. I guess we need to know what understanding is. Some of it is the identification of macroscopic entities which we will then regard as discrete entities, like ants and trees. These then seem to form ‘natural categories’ to us, and we base our philosophy on them. But these categories have no ontological special hats on. They are precisely the kind of thing that it is suitable for us to see; where we are the kind of organisms, enveloped by the specific structured energy that we are. And we are entirely contingent. A puff of air at some remote spot, and the forms would be different. Evolutionary exercises. Blink, and the earth is populated by different beings. What, if anything, is the common purpose such beings could have? Can we possibly understand ‘purpose’? Perhaps (just perhaps) one way we can think of it is a ‘striving-to-being’, or indeed desire/appetite.

Jaysus, this is a lot to unpack. Don’t give up yet though. The ant/tree thing is worth it.